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Little League Rule Change - New Bat Rules starting for 2018!

By PLL, 07/21/17, 12:00PM CDT


Please Read Carefully.

Dear all, 

As many of you are aware, Little League has changed the bat standards for this coming season, effective January 1st, 2018. Bellaire LL, like all other LLs, will be required to follow this change. 

I've included a link below that explains the change and answers many questions. In essence, the existing 1.15 BPF and BBCOR standards are being replaced by a USABat standard. All alloy or composite bats will have to have the USABat mark to be allowed in play. Wood bats will still be allowed. 

These new bats are designed to have a wood-like performance. They will now be allowing barrel sizes up to 2 5/8". 

The new bats will be available, apparently, beginning sometime in the Fall.


According to Little League anything with the USA baseball stamp will be approved.

Everything has to go to the new USA Baseball rules January 1, 2018.




Below is what the USA baseball logo looks like and the difference for ITB and Tball bats:

*****  ITB and TB Bats are different.....Under the USABat standard, certified tee ball bats used in the Little League Baseball® Tee Ball Program will feature theUSA Baseball mark AND text which reads ONLY FOR USE WITH APPROVED TEE BALLS

Bats for Little League ee Ball programs must follow the Little League Softball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies