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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Information for registration:

1. How do I create a sports connect account? 
See the article here for creating your account and registering your child.

2. What documents do I need to complete my registration?
You will need your proof of residency (3 ways or school enrollment), medical release form, and Birth certificate.

3. What if my plans change and I need to withdraw my child? 
Please see our refund policy under Registration Info --> Registration Documents --> Refund Policy 

4. Why is there so many questions that don't pertain to me? 
With the charter changes that occurred this year and the need to try and balance our enrollment numbers in the two divisions the board decided to move our geographical line from 1128 to Harkey road. It was further decided to allow some of the older kids in the pitching divisions to continue playing with the side they have been on for several years. To ensure that we are placing kids properly we are asking questions to verify. 

5. How do I apply for a scholarship for the 2020 Spring season?
Download and fill out the scholarship application. The application can be found on the registration documents needed page. We are working towards making this an online application, but in the meantime fill out the paper application and email it to [email protected] 

6. What are all the changes that happened that I keep reading about? 
Little League changed us from two charters East/West to one single charter that has to split up into divisions: the PLL Board of Directors decided on the division split procedure that we will follow if our divisions have greater then 10 teams. As mentioned previously this procedure had to be put into place do to the charter changes enacted by LL International. 
  • A geographic boundary has been established that runs north/south along Harkey Road extending up to O day Rd north and south of Magnolia to Hastings common Road. This is a shift from our previous charter line at 1128. (See map below)
  • Players who register by home address and reside on the west side of the line will be in the American division, players who reside on the east side of the line will be in the National division. 
  • Additionally, if you utilize your school address to register if it falls east/west of the line that will determine your division. The only exception to this is Jamison middle school. It is East of the line but if it is utilized for registration it will put your player in the American division. 
  • Any league age 10, 11, or 12's for the 2020 spring season will have the option of grandfathering into the division they were previously in, and then would be contracted to that division for the remainder of their LL career.
  • All league age 4-9 for 2020 and beyond will go to the newly formed divisions.
  • The only exception for league age 4-9 is if they have an older sibling (10-12) that is grandfathered in, the younger sibling may grandfather to the same division as well. 
  • Lastly, in an effort to balance our numbers we are planning to allow the American division to be an open division. Meaning if you reside on the east side of the geographic boundary but want to play in the American division you can elect to do so. 
7. Do I have to fill out a background check form?
If you plan on having any on field interaction with the children (Manager, coach, team mom, etc) then yes, this is a Little League requirement. A company called JDP will email a link for the application to everyone who selects to volunteer. Once you fill that out, they will run the background check, and a pass/fail will be sent to PLL. 

8. Why do I have to sell candy and raffle tickets? 

Pearland Little League is a private organization run completely by volunteers and is home to approximately 1,200 players.  Our games are played at the complex of the Pearland Area Dad’s Club.  This complex is supported solely by the user groups that play here.  Pearland Little League, Pearland Girls Softball Association and Pearland Patriot’s Football. The fundraisers allow us to provide all of the resources needed to run one of the premier little leagues in the country. 

Dont see your question? Please send us an email [email protected] and we will do our best to answer it. Thanks!

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Pearland Little League

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Pearland Little League

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